The following links may be helpful for getting further information about Target Sports , Archery

and issues relating to the club.


National Small-Bore Rifle Association - The governing body for U.K small-bore Target Shooting.


Middlesex Small-Bore Rifle Association - The county co-ordination of Target Sports.


Surrey Small-bore Rifle Association - The county co-ordination of Target Sports


Hampton-online - Local news ( look at article on Hampton Rangers ) .


RWE Thames Water - The Landowners of the ground we use.


Site of Special Scientific Interest - close to us. ( look under Kempton Park Reservoirs )


Old Rifle Range circa 1872 - enter the co-ordinates 512250,169750 (on Kempton Park)


Target Shooting Suppliers


Great Britain Target Shooting Federation - Great Britain Shooting, all disciplines.


International Shooting Sports Federation 


Target Shooter on line magazine


Small bore rifle website -information


Metropolitan Police - Firearms Licensing - Find your Firearms licensing team