Hampton Rifle Club has 2 dedicated Archery days per week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Opening at 12pm until 5pm (later in Summer months).

Held on our main 100yd and 50m ranges and the target bosses are set out at varying distances so is suitable for all.

HRC are able to open the sessions up to non-members with a small payment of 10 for the whole day so you can experience a new hobby, learn new skills while having some light hearted fun too.

Equipment can be supplied as HRC has a large selection of different bows and sets of arrows to cater from youngsters all the way up to adults. If you have you own equipment, you are welcome to bring that along and after a quick safety check from the Range Officer, you can shoot on our ranges until your heart is content!

There is tea and coffee available and if the is inclement weather we can also use our indoor range too, although being outside is more fun!

 You will be warmly welcomed, given tuition and if you decide it is a sport or hobby for you, you are welcome to join the club as a member and be able to experience the other activities the club can offer also.